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This facility is primarily for recovery
This facility is primarily for recovery, including learning how you got to rehab and the best way to live a clean and sober life. The employees and therapists at Drug Rehab Chattanooga are there to help you, however you should give in to their suggestions.
, Chattanooga Jun 13, 2012

Made my experience very positive
It’s in your best interest to let Drug Rehab Chattanooga help you, because they have a lot more experience and training for you. Their employees were someone and even helped me to open up and made my experience very positive. Along with the counselors, there are plenty of people at Drug Rehab Chattanooga who know how to help you get sober, so listen to them.
, Chattanooga Sep 20, 2011

Their staff was really well informed and knowledgeable
I chose Drug Rehab Chattanooga as a result of it appeared comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their staff was really well informed and knowledgeable, and every single day was organized to the hour. If I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Chattanooga’s hotline for help then I didn’t know if I'd have gotten my family or life back. I’m so grateful to have the people I love back again in my life, and to be able to be honest and proud of life again.
, Chattanooga Dec 22, 2011

Very educated and compassionate
The staff at Drug Rehab Chattanooga is also very educated and compassionate. Although group work was the part I hated the most, I eventually started to look forward to them. I didn’t want to share, partially because I was embarrassed of my behavior while I was using. But the counselors pushed me, and after listening to some other people I understood that everybody was just like me, and I didn’t have to stay silent and try to get sober alone.
, Chattanooga Aug 3, 2012

Has the very best employees and therapists
Drug Rehab Chattanooga has the very best employees and therapists, and they really make an effort to help you recognize your triggers and teach you to avoid dangerous situations that you could use drugs to ‘escape’. Drug Rehab Chattanooga gave me back hope that I might have a better life, and I can’t explain how grateful I am. It’s because of them that I’m sober and happy today.
, Chattanooga Mar 23, 2012

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